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Tallow Belly Balm (85g)

Handmade, 100% grass fed tallow, rich in vitamins & fatty acids to deeply nourish your growing belly

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Pregnancy is a unique journey, and nurturing your evolving skin with natural and safe care is essential.

Our Tallow Belly Balm, crafted from pure, organic ingredients, focuses on deep nourishment and soothing comfort to improve skin elasticity and relieve the itchiness often associated with your expanding belly, whilst also serving as a calming ritual to connect with your baby.

At the heart of our balm is 100% grass-fed beef tallow, celebrated for centuries for its nutrient density and skin-healing properties. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it closely mimics human skin oils for deep, lasting hydration, keeping your skin supple and resilient throughout your pregnancy journey.


100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Jojoba Oil
100% Pure Beeswax
Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Organic Patchouli Essential Oil

Who is it for

• Pregnancy
• Postpartum

Our Beef Tallow Belly Balm is designed for both pregnancy and postpartum care, supporting and nourishing the skin. It provides healing benefits, particularly for C-section scars. Many women appreciate the blend so much that they continue to use it over their entire body, experiencing ongoing benefits for overall skin health and vitality.


• Aligns with human skin, making it easily absorbed.
• Packed with fatty acids to support skin elasticity during belly growth.
• Offers deep hydration, alleviating dryness, irritation, and itchiness.
• Contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and is gentle for sensitive skin types.
• Rich in fat soluble vitamins for healthy vibrant skin.
• Scented with essential oils known for their gentle aroma, providing a fragrance that's fresh and uplifting.

How To use

Our balm is firm in the colder weather and much softer in warmer weather. When firm, warm it up between your hands before applying to your belly.

Gently massage the balm onto your belly, paying attention to any tender spots as your body undergoes changes. Take this moment to connect deeply with your baby. Lie down afterward and tune into their movements, fostering a meaningful bond during this special time.

Any residue can be rubbed over your face and body.


What is beef tallow?

Beef tallow is a nutrient-rich fat derived from grass-fed beef. It's made by heating and melting the fat from healthy, grass-fed cattle. The fat is then carefully cleaned and trimmed, then heated until it turns into liquid. The liquid fat is separated from any solid bits and impurities, and then it cools down and solidifies, resulting in a creamy, off-white or pale yellow substance called beef tallow.

This natural ingredient contains a range of beneficial vitamins and fatty acids that are highly compatible with human skin, including:

• Stearic acid: Aids in rejuvenating damaged skin and boosting its elasticity.
• Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): known to reduce inflammation, helping soothe redness and discomfort.
• Palmitoleic acid: A fatty acid also found in human sebum, known for its antimicrobial qualities and support in the skin’s natural repair processes.

    Tallow Belly Balm (85g)
    Tallow Belly Balm (85g)
    Tallow Belly Balm (85g)
    Tallow Belly Balm (85g)
    Tallow Belly Balm (85g)
    Tallow Belly Balm (85g)
    Tallow Belly Balm (85g) Tallow Belly Balm (85g)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Kate (Brisbane, AU)
    THE BEST!!!!

    This is the BEST belly balm I have tried! It smells amazing, isn't greasy, absorbs so well and leaves my skin feeling so lush and hydrated. I have even started using this on my face too, this pregnancy I have been hit with Perioral Dermatitis on my face and applying Maia's tallow balm has helped calm it down and sooth my inflamed skin - just amazing!

    Morgan Coxon (Melbourne, AU)
    Tallow Balm created my ritual!

    I was struggling to adjust to my growing belly and was feeling disconnected. I bought the balm hoping I wouldn’t get stretch marks; I wasn’t anticipating to then fall in love with the smell, texture and the ritual it created. Now I love rubbing my belly and my little girl kicks away every evening when I do it. Stunning.

    Emily (Melbourne, AU)
    Silky smooth skin

    Used this every day during pregnancy and I LOVE IT! I ended up with no stretch marks (woo!) and my belly always looked so glowy. Have also used on my c-section incision to aid with healing.

    M. (Melbourne, AU)
    I must share!!

    My skin has gone CRAZY this pregnancy, break outs, congestion, black heads your name it. I was try all sorts of stuff to fix it and it was just getting worse and worse.
    I decided to strip it back and just cleanse and use this on my face day and night and in 3 days my skin is healing, less inflammation, less angry and red and feels so much more balanced.
    Belly, breasts and FACE. This cream is everything!