Meet founder - Elyce

Meet founder - Elyce



Drawing from my own experiences, I developed a deep appreciation for the impact of nutrient-dense foods after overcoming an eating disorder in my early 20s.

Through daily practice of breathwork, meditation, immersion in nature, and a conscious shift towards nutrient-rich foods from healthy grass-fed animals, I witnessed the profound transformation that can occur when we prioritise our well-being.

Little did I know that this journey was preparing me for the most profound role of my life - becoming a mother to a wonderful little boy.

During my pregnancy I faced the challenge of finding genuinely nourishing products that were both pure, and free from synthetic additives. Skincare options were filled with ingredients that didn't align with my desire for nutrient-rich formulations, while packaged foods marketed as "healthy" often concealed a multitude of additives. I decided to embrace a whole foods approach, intentionally preparing all my meals and snacks so that they were rich in nutrients.

My dedication to wholesome wellness grew stronger as I dived into holistic clinical nutrition studies, and began my breastfeeding journey as a new mother. It was during this time that I really saw the gap between women and their natural wisdom to nourish their bodies.

I witnessed unfounded fears surrounding the consumption of nutrient-dense foods like liver during pregnancy, and the misguided avoidance of beneficial saturated fats. It became evident that over time, a woman's judgment and intuition regarding her own nourishment had become clouded.

This realisation ignited a passionate desire within me to inspire women to reclaim their inherent knowing, and make nourishing choices for themselves and their families.

With Maia, I aim to provide time honoured, nourishing products for mothers and their families, celebrating natural intuition from pregnancy and beyond. Keeping things simple, I believe a basic understanding of food is one of the most valuable assets a mother can possess.